– A Self-Proclaimed Gun Nut

The Internet is full of opinions – the thoughts of people on a nearly-infinite number of topics. Jeff Soyer is one of these private citizens who uses his blog site to share his feelings on gun control, politics and life in the United States from the conservative point of view.

Unlike many private blogs, is updated frequently with a variety of material. On a recent date, alphecca included a story and associated commentary about a story discussing the value of video games to improve shooting accuracy, a baby named after a gun manufacturer, and another story detailing the possible ability for Congress to pass a law requiring everyone to buy guns and ammunition. Naturally, given the somewhat inflammatory nature of the content, has a busy comments section. A random sample of comments seems to indicate that most people reading the site are in agreement with Mr. Soyer’s positions on these issues.

The site is ad-free, with a donation link available for those who wish to contribute to alphecca. There is also an index listing of recent posts from the previous week and the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed on both new posts and comments. An interesting feature is a link to novels written by the site owner and others as a group effort. As is common with blog sites, links to many other like-minded blogs, with over 70 listed. Those seeking more information on gun laws, shooting and other related issues may also use the numerous links provided on the site.

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