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AlphaTwitter.comAlphaTwitter is a new Twitter based service which tabulates popular links shared in Twitter. It’s essentially a tool for finding out what’s hot on the web, by tracking what people are sharing via Twitter, which seems to be the most popular way to share breaking news, headlines, and more.


AlphaTwitter shows who shared what and when. Tweet links are found by the day, week, and even all time. Links are aggregated within a 24 hour period, the most shared are displayed at the top. You can click to see who shared a link and how many times they shared it. It’s very basic and still very much in alpha, but seems to be gaining popularity. In Their Own Words

“It’s meant to be a simple way to keep track of what’s popular around the web. Of course there’s tons of other sites out there doing this already and doing it better, like digg, boingboing and others.

By tracking Twitter’s public timeline Alphatwitter is tracking what regular people see fit to share with their friends. The goal is to harness the social nature of Twitter and it’s simplicity.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Although this is a very simple service, with a simple set up and design it can be very useful. Twitter seems to be where news breaks. This link aggregator basically gives you an overall composite of what’s up in the Twittersphere. Marketers, among others will be able to discern what’s getting buzz, and what’s becoming popular.

Some Questions About

How is AlphaTwitter going to finance itself? How well does it work? Does it give you a true picture of link sharing on Twitter?

Author : Siri Marshall

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