KillerStartups – Aloecorp Worlds Largest Aloe Producer

Aloecorp is the dream company of founder Yun-Ho Lee. The company’s website at details the history and development of Aloecorp from its founding in Korea in 1988 to its worldwide expansion of modern times. They began as a little aloe vera farm and grew to the largest producer of pesticide free, organically grown aloe in the world, with huge farms in the United States, Mexico and China. Visitors to will learn of the company and its mission, and methods. Guests can read page after page of information on the methods that are used in farming and care of the crops, the harvesting and processing, and the production and packaging. As the world leader in aloe production, the company does not actually offer any products for sale on Instead, they use their cyber presence to inform and education the public about the many aspects of the aloe growing business. Guests can learn about the scientifically proven benefits of the various Aloecorp formulas, and the science behind the products.

For students and researchers, there is a section of devoted to various “Fast Facts” about the product and its use as a herbal product, as an ingredient in health foods and drinks, and a plethora of beauty products. Visitors will learn of the more than two hundred different active biological amino acids, and vitamins, enzymes and sterols that are naturally occurring in each batch of raw processed plants. Their philosophy of bringing the very best that nature has to offer directly to mankind, with no toxic additives, preservatives or chemical pesticides have helped them become the leader that they are today, and have been for the past 20 years.

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