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The rescue of abandoned, unwanted or misused dachshunds is the subject of Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society (AHDRS) is a nationwide organization with representatives in 13 states and one Canadian province, who act as coordinators for individual rescue efforts for these small dogs. Each rescuer acts independently, finding, rescuing and supporting the dachshunds at their own expense, almosthomerescue provides support and acts as a clearinghouse for these efforts. provides a considerable amount of information about dachshunds as a breed, detailing varieties and characteristics. It also talks about the various reasons these dogs need rescue, from the death or inability to care for a dog on the part of the owner, divorce and other family changes, to dogs who have been abandoned or placed in shelters. Almosthomerescue takes on these dogs and places them with experienced dachshund owners on a temporary basis while they are evaluated and trained. The ultimate goal is to place all of these rescued dachshunds in loving lifelong homes. The site details the process to be followed when adopting through AHDRS and includes an online adoption application form, which is very detailed. There are also pictures of dogs waiting for adoption, success stories, and ways people can help almosthomerescue in ways short of adopting a dog. There are a number of events throughout the country listed on and numerous opportunities to contribute to the goals of the organization, including the Little Round Bed Memorial Fund. Anyone who has an interest in dachshunds as a breed will find something of interest on this site.

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