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Ally Carter is an author and accomplished writer who has written seven published titles. Her website is an extension of herself. Ally takes most of the space on to do a daily entry in her blog, where she entertains any kind of discussion about a world of different and sometimes crazy subjects. Her fans may post comments that inspire their own strange discussions that give a break from the pressure of deadlines and dealings with publishers, agents as well as book signings. The breaks are one of the ways that Ally is able to gain inspiration and motivation, to explore her characters, and bring her stories to life. It might be surprising to find that an entire discussion on about a broken refrigerator and the whole process of finding a repairman, making the appointment and then having them do the job, could turn into anything from a scenario to an entire character in one of her novels!


Ally has written books for teens, with her Gallagher Girls series, as well as titles for adults. Her creative writing skills become instantly apparent when reading her books which can be found at bookstores everywhere and online at various stores. The pages of reveal the fun side of Ms. Carter at her online store, complete with T-shirts and all kinds of gear. Visitors and fans alike can read about what she’s been doing, writing and her annual book tour. And of course, there is her daily blog, where she posts some

Author : Liam Gray

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