– Search Engines is a search engine that is attempting to compete with Google and Bing. This search engine was designed overseas by Japanese coders and developers, in an attempt to throw the two biggest search engines off of the map. An individual may search for anything they wish to, and could likely find it, on this site. This site has the settings for searching only pictures, documents, and newspapers, such as Google does. Allulook4 is a simple looking site at the moment; however, there is no telling what the creators might decide to do with it, next. is a baby website that still has a long way to go. It has not quite made the airwaves of the internet yet, so to speak. Many individuals have heard of it; however, Yahoo still outranks it by far. There are many search engines that attempt to compete with these huge names that have been around for decades, and it seems as though they will never catch up. Yahoo was given a run for its money when Google came about, and both were given a run for their money when Bing came out. Now, all three search engines seem to exist in harmony with one another. Computer users have their preferences, just like coders have their disputes over Linux, Windows and Mac.

Customer service for broken links and mislead searches can be emailed to the link at the bottom of the website of There are many bugs to be sorted out, as it is, as stated a baby site.

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