search cancel – Find Those Lyrics at All The Lyrics is the home page of the best source for finding the lyrics to your favorite songs! AllTheLyrics was started online in 2002. The website contains lyrics to songs and soundtracks of all languages. Some of the languages of the site are Spanish, German, French, and Italian. This helps any music fiend who happens to be from a different country.


Lyrics can be searched by artist or song title by using the search box function at The most popular artists that are searched for using this site are posted on the main page which gives easy access to the users.

AllTheLyrics even provides forums for users to connect to other fans. There are translation forums for users wanting to have a song translated into their own language or from a foreign language to English. Identify It is a popular forum that is used for those that are attempting to identify a song that keeps getting stuck in their head. Users will write out the lyrics they keep thinking of and the experts come in and solve the issue at hand. You can be assured of a fantastic experience when using this website.

Users can also connect their account to Facebook for a better experience. Over 50,000 music lovers have joined the site and many continue to join in the lyric fun!

If a music lover is searching for additional music resources, there are plenty of recommended websites that will help a person out! Such sites span from music video blogs to other sites for lyrics.

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Author : Paul Barker

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