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The website is a resource that has aggregated many of the most enjoyable riddles and logic games on the internet. On, users can sift through a large assortment of puzzles and choose their favorites over and over. You can also try new games that you have never played before because has so many to choose from. The site is the premier puzzle site on the net and provides visitors with the largest collection in the world. The best part about this resource is that the games are absolutely free. Visitors are given no charges at all, and everyone is encouraged to spend as much time as possible playing the games without any worry of hidden charges.

There are many different forms of puzzles located on the site. You will find traditional pencil and paper puzzles that you might recall from your childhood and many puzzles that use a digital presentation and have a contemporary feel to them. On the user will find anagrams and picture puzzles, as well as logic problems that will test your wit and concentration. The log in process is extremely quick and easy and once you are logged in, you are free to choose any quiz or game on the site. One helpful feature is that the site will inform you of how many games there are for each category. For example, if you’re working on a match quiz, the site will let you know just how many there are. This will allow you to gauge how many games you haven’t completed yet in that given category.

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