KillerStartups – Gossip is the ultimate gossip site for individuals to go to get the latest buzz on celebrities. This page has all of the up to date information on the stars in the spotlight, and stars not-so in the spotlight. With these pictures and stories afloat, it seems it would be difficult to get much privacy these days, being in the entertainment business. There are several different articles that are constantly followed up on. was one of the websites that covered Lindsey Lohan and her alcohol and drug addiction. This page featured pictures of her skeleton-like body when she was on cocaine and drinking heavily. The reporters and paparazzi followed Lohan around with cameras, and videographers followed her around, attempting to catch a quick comment or maybe even get some answers to her actions. Some individuals state that they think that the attention made this star even worse off than she was when she was left alone.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson pictures appear on the front page of, attracting attention of those who have been following their love story for the past few years. The on-again, off-again couple seems to have trouble avoiding the camera, as Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback and Jessica Simpsons singing career have both gained the two a ton of attention.

With gossip columns like these, it has become rather unnecessary to buy a magazine from the corner stand, anymore. Consumers now have the option to read the latest news from the comfort of their own homes in their pajamas.

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