– Read Amazing Books at All Readers is the website home of All Readers. The site allows users to read any kind of book online from the comfort of their home and computer. There are also detailed reviews of books and users can leave their own reviews and be listed as scholars!

Books can be searched on by title or author which is for users who know exactly what they are looking for. If you are browsing for a new read, there are detailed search options such as plot, setting, or character. For example, if one wanted to read a book on lawyers that is considered a murdery mystery, they would plug those into the search boxes and find books in those categories. Or even romances with love triangles can be found using the same search function. is unique in the fact that the reviews are a lot mroe helpful than ones found at other sites. Instead of reading comments like “The book was good” or “The characters were interesting!” they will read reviews that give the general outline of the plot without spoiling the ending. This gives the user a better idea of the book and makes your decision on whether to read it or not a whole lot easier!

Wired, USA Today, and even the New York Times have written about how great AllReaders is. Over two million visits are made to the site a month which makes a big hit! There is even an interaction section to the website where users can talk about their favorite authors and books or make recommendations to others.