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AllPlus.comAllPlus is a multi-feature, ranking search engine that lets you run searches across the web for text content, images, blogs, videos, and news. The difference between AllPlus and other search engines of this ilk ist that AllPlus displays your search results in a cleverly organized fashion, devoting a section of the results page to each category.

For example, if you were to run a query on Britney Spears, you’ll be re-directed to a results page that almost looks like it’s a page for the artist herself; there’s a video sections with links to videos, a blog section featuring Britney-related blogs, a photo gallery with Britney photos you get the idea. The center section, which is the largest, is devoted to whatever type of search you initially ran (web, image, photo, etc); therefore those results are given priority and placed in the middle of th results page. You can also view your results by cluster tree or cluster graph, which show you how many results your search turned in a more visual way, complete with the exact number of results turned in each category. In Their Own Words

“The AllPlus Universal Meta Search and Discovery Engine aims to identify and present the very best search results from the very best information sources on the Web.

The beta test demonstration site allows users to query all major Web content sources, including Google, Yahoo, MSN Live and Web pages, News, Images, Videos and Blogs. The results are compared and ranked and presented to the user in an intuitive and clearly organized way”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

AllPlus is truly an innovative search site. It’s always on point because it pulls its results from several different larger search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc), and utilizes more than one spell-checker, so even more esoteric or modern terms can be processed successfully. The results pages are impeccably designed and ranked; I can’t think of another search engine that organizes and displays results in such a visually agreeable fashion.

Some Questions About

There should be a way to filter out certain results if you don’t want to see them; all the categories may not be relevant for some searches and could actually serve to complicate, not expedite, the search process.