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From the offices of Better Homes and Gardens magazine comes an online website called where visitors can come and learn, visit, and more. The site is dedicated to the art of quilting. Guests will find a site that is loaded with hundreds of pages of information, designs and ideas. For quilters looking for patterns, there is an extensive supply complete with tips for the best construction. If a visitor has no idea where to begin, or is hoping to learn quilting, the website offers a complete online training program for free. Patrons are taught everything from what tools that they will need, to the basics of cutting. Also covered are discussions about what type of iron to purchase, and how to choose the right fabrics. For those experienced quilters looking to learn something new, features a section devoted to various techniques and methods. The site also offers guests the opportunity to upload their own photos and ideas in the community forum, where lively discussions and interactions take place daily.


Among the other major sections at is a direct link to the weekly broadcast of the American Patchwork and Quilting Radio Show, which airs on Mondays at 4PM Eastern Time. There are also direct links to the various quilting magazines that Better Homes and Gardens publish, and a complete online store. There are dozens of pages about piecing, appliques and the various forms of cutting and finishing, or working by hand for guests to find. Some of the favorites of the site include color options, and the full versions. Once a users determines a color option that they might be interested in, they can download and print a pdf for use. They also have slide shows from quilt sampler magazine, and a tip of the day.

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Author : Paul Barker

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