KillerStartups – Turning Pennies into Dollars

When people think about the stock market, they generally tend to focus on the large companies – Apple, Coca Cola, IBM and the like. But what they don’t consider – and what covers very well – is that there are fortunes to be made in the field of penny stocks as well. Penny stocks are the securities of lesser-known, generally smaller companies. They can be purchased for very little money, and have the potential of growing very rapidly to reward the savvy investor. is a site devoted to these ‘little’ securities.

The landing page of Allpennystocks gives the viewer the option of opening the Canadian or US versions of the site, since each country has different stock exchanges and investing rules. Once on the page of the investor’s choice, reveals a wealth of information. This includes the most up to the minute prices of all the relevant stock exchanges, plus breaking news on a variety of investment topics. The curious investor may check special reports on penny stocks to watch, hot issues, and all the market statistics so dear to the technical investor. There is a link to the newswire services, plus a substantial education component as well as a stock calculator. Those interested in commodities can also find current data here, along with recommendations and suggestions for potential plays in this field. Investors may sign up for free newsletters and search for stock quotes on, and even have the opportunity to write for the site, sharing their stories of profit and loss.

Allpennystocks In The Web

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