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Now a days, the internet and computers are being used for billions of specific needs of people from all over the world. Our lives have been radically transformed by the computer chip. Digital technology governs everything from our alarm clocks to our cars, books, and newspapers. Given how thoroughly we’re steeped in today’s computer world, what information do you need to protect from prying eyes and how do you go about protecting it?


At you will find a number of links to valueable and useful information like the Fred Cohen & Associates – Analyst Report and Newsletter, books such as Digital Forensic Evidence Examination and securety workshops like Mobile Computing Summit 2011 Security Workshop.

When protecting your information you can never be too careful. provides you with years of experience and hundreds of links to help you ensure you are your own best defence when your sensitive information must be kept confidential. is on the leading edge of today’s technology when protecting your personal rights and materials.

Traditional data parameters have indeed disappeared. When it comes to protecting your data, where knowledge once simply meant power, in the world of data it now means security and reduce risk. That’s not just power. It’s intelligence and control.

Content is fluid and ever-present. Today intelligence no longer exists solely in your corporate database. Information is in perpetual motion, residing on and traveling across a labyrinth of devices including mobile and wireless devices.

Learn how you be social and open, yet protect your privacy.

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Author : Paul Barker

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