search cancel – Special Needs Need Love Too is an amazing organization that helps individuals with mental disabilities lead as normal of a life as possible. Organizations such as these have made an impact in the past several years, proving to people that different is not bad or scary. The Allies company provides residential and medical assistance for those that need it, and treat the people just like they should be treated – as a normal person.


Autism, and down syndrome have become more acknowledged in the recent years, with more and more people bringing awareness out into the world. The two diseases vary in severity. Some autistic persons may be non-verbal; others may be as talkative as the neighbor next door, but discuss something that is engaging – such as a computer, or other hands-on hobby. This disease affects a large percentage of the brain, and many do not understand it. Autism numbers have increased dramatically in the past 15 years in the United States, and and companies like this have helped bring communities understanding about this disease.

Persons with intellectual disabilities and their families can be overwhelmed with many emotions – anger, fear, frustration – all of which are completely normal. If a couple is expecting a baby, and the baby arrives with down syndrome, 15 years ago there was no help. There were support groups, but few and far between. Now, there are several dozen – often in small areas. resides in several counties throughout New Jersey, and takes applications all day, every day. Allies is there to help.

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Author : Irene Davids

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