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allhiphop.comThis site targets the Hip-Hop fans community. It provides users with an incredible wealth of information such as latest news, lifestyle, features, and rumors among others.

Users are able to listen to music and watch videos without needing to download them. also carries a wide range of last updated albums for users to get in touch with. In addition, this site gives visitors the opportunity to read the biography of their favorite hip-hop artists and know more about them. In Their Own Words

“After many years of developing the site, has become a valuable resource for hip-hop on the internet, featuring daily news, interviews, reviews, multimedia, a fast growing community and other interesting content. In addition to the website, has been delivering daily news alerts to music industry tastemakers and hip-hop lovers two-way pagers, cell phones and email addresses since is the most widely read Hip-Hop entity in the world, reaching millions of unique visitors per month. Publications as CNN, The Source, XXL, Complex, New York Post, New York Daily News and many others utilize The site has working relationships with many offline print magazines, newspapers, television and radio outlets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really appealing site for those who are interested in hip-hop; it has everything the category “must” have. It is very well organized and designed with amazing images, which makes it very attractive, is a great site to visit. Users are able to watch their favorite videos and get play lists free!

Some Questions About

Besides the website is great and really attractive, are they going to be able to compete with so many other sites offering the same services?