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AlleyInsider.comCare to found out what’s up with the New York digital scene? New kid on the block AlleyInsider aspires to tell you like it is. This biz oriented site dishes up the latest news and speculation concerning all that is digital in the Big Apple—news, entertainment, communications, gaming, social networks, and mobile.


Interaction is encouraged– you can join the site’s Twitter community, post comments, jobs, events, questions and feedback on the site’s community pages, or join the team and contribute regularly. Stories are showcased on the homepage in compact paragraphs; to the side you’ll find a search bar, while job listings flank the left side. Categories lined up at the top for easier perusal include: companies, Twitter, Community, Directory, Jobs and Events. For even more news, subscribe to the Alley’s weekly newsletter. In Their Own Words

“Welcome! Silicon Alley Insider is a new business site, produced by and for the New York digital business community. We started publishing for real on Friday, July 19. We’re currently in beta, so we’re grateful for your patience and feedback.
We cover the intersection of the technology, media, and communications industries, with a focus on companies and people making waves in New York. Specifically, we provide news, commentary, and discussion about digital publishing, entertainment, news, music, social networking, mobile, and gaming.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

New York is the go to place for just about everything. The digital scene, however, hasn’t received as much attention as California or India even. With Silicon Alley Insider, you’ll find a glossy, up to date community/news site, which is as informative as it is easy to peruse. Great for finding out what’s what in the NYC digital arena.

Some Questions About

How does the site plan to make money? Will they start a company database, or will they implement interviews with important industry insiders?

Author : Siri Marshall

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