– Board of Education is a website that benefits many individuals. It benefits supervisors of schools, teachers, students, and parents. This site provides information for all individuals involved with anyone that may be in a public school system, grades kindergarten and up through the 12th grade. The Allendale school district, located in Allendale, New Jersey, consists of approximately 1,000 students K-12. Being such a mid-sized school system can have it’s challenges and may also be a good thing. Most children in this location go to school with the same people all of their lives. Other times, a student transfers in later in a schooling career and is an outcast. offers a variety of information for anyone who needs it. The page lays out a map for individuals who need to know whether or not their home is in the zone for this district, and/or whether or not the cheese-wagon will come and pick their youngster up. Also, bus stops are listed for the benefit of parents and students. When first enrolling into Allendale schools, proper immunization records and identification are needed to prove that the kid is a citizen of the United States.

Calenders provide important dates for legal guardians, in the event that a young one forgets and/or loses an important paper with said dates on it. There are also meeting announcements and current events listed on this page. Parent-teacher association meetings are held monthly, and it is advised that at least one per house hold attend these meetings. provides addresses and contact information for the Allendale Board of Education, as well.

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