KillerStartups – Appliances is a website specifically geared for appliances and household items. When an appliance breaks, it is always the same routine: get mad, destroy the appliance the rest of the way, and shop for a new one. This website allows individuals to search for what ever house hold item is needed in a way that compares several brands next to each other, including prices. Many do not realize that, in some cases, name brands are more expensive for no other reason than the name. Shoppers may find that the no-name brand that is cheaper does exactly what the name-brand appliance does, just as well – if not better. offers several different appliances on their website for people to buy. From sewing machines, to home drycleaning sets, to vacuum cleaners, this website has the ball rolling. This company offers limited warranties for free, and extended warranties for a percentage of the purchase price. All Brands also offers a finance program via its credit card, which the consumer may apply for at any time.

Store locations can be found in the upper left-hand corner of the page, as well as class locations and times. Classes for embroidery and sewing are often taught once a week at particular store locations. Cost for the sewing and embroidery classes depends on the location and often varies from store to store. There is software training for sewing and embroidery machines available on the website – simply log in to an active account and find scheduled class times. offers customer service by phone or email, any time it is needed.

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