– Foreign Film is a website that allows users to find African movies. This page connects users who are interested in independent and foreign film types. With the search bar, individuals can find what type of music they are looking for. A list will appear, and individuals can select different movie titles for a description and movie rating. Persons who have previously seen the film may leave reviews about the flick and advise people whether or not they should watch the movie. also has an album feature that lets people have access to soundtracks for specific flicks. The soundtracks are excellent for individuals who are studying music, and who wish to know about foreign instruments. Different college students interested in independent film often watch movies such as these, an use this page as well as many others as a resource for their work. When using pages such as these, it is important to properly give credit to the creator of the film and/or music. has buy, sell and trade sections of this site. Persons who have previously purchased or acquired physical copies of African movies have the option to list said film on the page and sell or trade it for equal or lesser value than the one listed. Depending on the person, haggling may become an issue. Shipping and handling fees often accrue when dealing with selling and trading physical copies; however, if one feels that it is worth it, it will not be a problem.

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