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Once upon a time an 8 year old girl named Dorota was given a necklace that had a frog sitting on a lilly pad pendant. From that single act, that little girl grew up to be a genuine “froggy lover.” She collected all kind of frog stuff, and eventually even became owner of two fire bellied toads, and a great curiosity about them. The year was 1995, and the internet was young and not much information about frogs existed. So Dorota created the website that became The site is her attempt to teach and share everything she has learned over the past 17 years. Her website is an extension of herself, designed to be fun and friendly. Visitors to can learn many facts about frogs and toads. She offers guidance for raising frogs, and their life cycles, plus tons of information and links to other frog sites. Her philosophy is not to print information that can be found elsewhere, but to link it.


However, even though the site is loaded with links to other sites, there are many articles about Dorota spends much of her site providing answers to questions from children that have been posed over the years. Everything from raising tadpoles to dealing with insects is covered. How to care for a sick frog, and how to house them as a pet, guidance is given on The majority of the articles and answers are written to children, in language that children can understand, but with sufficient detail that adults can learn everything they need to know as well. Her website also has a few froggy games and a froggy coloring book to download and print.

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Author : Irene Davids

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