– All Star Sports Makers of Protective Gear is a maker of sporting goods equipment specializing in gear for baseball and softball player, umpires, and those engaged in football. They post news and product notification alerts not only on this site but also on the social media sites of Facebook and Twitter. While stocks many different types of gear in a variety of colors (more than any other manufacturer they state) they also offer an online Custom Design Lab service for making available more colors in the categories of Adult Pro and Youth Pro gear, as well as Women’s gear.

For the sport of baseball has both generalized and specialized safety products. There is some overlap between the baseball equipment and that found in softball, including their d3o Protective line which has an ankle guard, batting and inner gloves, an elbow and separate wrist guard, and also a heart shield. They offer headgear and traditional masks, chest protectors and leg guards, catchers kits and mitts, batters and coaches helmets, equipment bags, bases and plates and non protective apparel. They also have several items that are unique from baseball and not applicable to softball and visa versa. These items include Infielder’s Masks and special lighter weight knee and shin guards for softball.

For football offers pads for shoulders, knees and thighs (individually or in pad sets), football specific helmets. They also deal in football specific apparel like the jerseys and outer pants, and the inner garments called pad bases that hold some of the pads in place and come in several different configurations for use in both the upper torso and the knee, upper leg and hip vicinity.

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