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For do it yourself mechanics and auto repair enthusiasts, has created a website that offers a variety of services. One of the primary functions of the site is to connect people who are in the process, or planning their own auto repairs with expert online technicians who have been selected on an individual case by case basis matching the do it yourselfer with the appropriate expert. Experts work on a fee basis, and customers literally bid for answers. Once a guest has decided on the kind of questions that they are in need of answering, they are asked to write the question and submit it. Then they are asked to make an offer of how much they would like to pay to receive their answer. Users are free to bid any amount, but harder questions generally require higher offers to solicit answers. Someone wanting to know what type of oil to put in their car might only offer a couple of dollars, while a customer wanting photos of a brake assembly might offer thirty.


The average offer made for support services is about $22 per solution. All service answers are backed with a 100% money back guarantee. In addition to the live email support, also offers a searchable database of answers to previous questions for free. There are also sections of designed to connect buyers with wholesale and salvage parts houses and suppliers. Parts are categorized by auto type and part needed. Once the part has been defined, and submitted, the various parts houses compete to offer the part plus shipping at the lowest possible cost.

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