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All Hands Makes Virtual Team Updates a Breeze

Bringing your team together for an all hands meeting is a great way to keep everyone up to date on important company news. However, with team members working remotely or even working all over the globe, it can be difficult to find a time that works for everyone – even for a virtual meeting.


If your team includes people with different schedules and even different time zones, you’ll want to check out All Hands, an app that lets you create video updates for your team to view when and where it’s convenient for them. 

All Hands knows that better-informed teams make better decisions. With the app, you can record videos and even have other people contribute – all you need is your phone. When it’s time to update your team, you can share the video via Slack and Microsoft Teams rather than creating yet another a calendar invite. This lets your team members watch the video wherever they are, at a time that works best for them. All Hands also provides analytics so you can see how your team engaged with your video, helping you to create even better, more relevant videos in the future.

In addition to providing updates to your team, All Hands can be used to keep stakeholders informed, such as by sharing a product demonstration, without having to schedule a meeting with them.

All Hands includes a variety of features that helps you easily and effectively communicate with your team.

  • Pre-recorded videos: Rather than dealing with headaches from trying to find one day and time that works for all of your team members, All Hands lets you create collaborative, pre-recorded videos for your team members to watch when it’s convenient for them.
  • View anytime: With All Hands, there’s no need to schedule multiple meetings. Your entire team watches the same update, just at a time that makes sense for them.
  • Video features: All Hands videos feature automatic AI closed captions plus quick CDN video delivery and playback speed.
  • Two-way communication: Viewers can react to your video with emojis, provide feedback and even ask and answer questions to continue the dialogue. This also helps you see who understands your message and who might need a follow-up conversation.
  • Analytics: All Hands provides data that gives you clearer insight into who is most engaged with your video as well as which parts your audience found most interesting. This helps you create even more effective videos in the future. Everyone who presents can access their own statistics, and you can collect qualitative feedback and request questions and comments.
  • Improves company culture: All Hands makes it easy to show employee appreciation and celebrate team members’ achievements, which can increase morale as well as productivity. Sharing pre-recorded videos also enables you to communicate with your team while respecting their work schedules.

If you’re looking to keep your team informed without the headache of trying to schedule a specific meeting time, then All Hands is a great option. Check out their website to learn more and book a demo.

All Hands

Author : Lynsie Dickerson

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