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All-Battery Corporation of Fremont, California, operates a large warehouse and storage center for the distribution of high quality rechargeable batteries and their charging stations. From that warehouse, act as a distribution hub for the entire inventory. All of the rechargeable cells and chargers that are offered online are manufactured using the latest in green cell technology, with cost effective processes. The site also maintains a large volume of documentation about different kinds of chargeable cells and recharging devices. has a goal to educate the public in a friendly way about the environmental and cost savings benefits of rechargeable batteries. Customers will immediately notice that items for sale on the website are easily priced at half to 80% off of the price that similar equipment would cost elsewhere.

The online shop is open 24-7 with customer service representatives online and available to assist with any purchasing questions. In the tradition of quality, also offers support after the sale, with free advice and assistance via telephone on Mondays thru Fridays during regular business hours. The products that are sold on the website are compatible with any device that uses traditional batteries and look and perform just like their non-rechargeable competitors. By operating electric and electronic devices with the green energy recharged cells, customers can realize long term savings over the cost of ordinary cells purchased in retail stores. The site also offers custom made packs for use in non-traditional circuits and devices that have unique voltage or amperage requirements, size restrictions or charging time needs.

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