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All About Pop MusicYou know, as much as I love good old rock & roll and all that generational stuff, I am also very fond of the sounds of pop. I think there is not a genre or type of music that could fit every situation, actually.

Teenagers that think rock or metal or punk is the one and only answer are missing on a lot. Remember, you will never grow healthy on just one food. Exactly the opposite, I am afraid. That is why checking out other genres does absolutely no harm, and as far as staying abreast of developments within the pop scene is concerned this blog fits the bill pretty well. It includes reviews and opinion on everything appertaining to such scene, written in a clear yet rich style.

As the blogger explains, his objective is showcasing the feeling that motivates pop musicians and the stories behind their music. I think he does a pretty good job, and I advice you to check his blog at the provided address to arrive at your own conclusions. All About Pop Music