KillerStartups – Dar al-Kitab al-Arabi Arabic Bookstore

Where do Americans look when they are interested in Arabic books? The owners of had the same question back in 1993 when they started their business in Garden Grove, California that specializes in books written and published in the Middle East. Their website is a natural expansion of the thriving organization into the cyber sales arena. The site functions much like a traditional bookstore with online search and purchase capability. They specialize in classic and contemporary literature that is written in the Arabic language. The site also features many children’s editions, dictionaries for Arab Americans, and Islamic novels, periodicals and journals. All of the items featured on have been carefully translated into the English language to preserve the original intent of the author. Many publications are also available that offer extensive history about the Arab regions, Islam, and the Muslim culture.

As a major importer and translator of original Arabic books, Dar al-Kitab al-Arabi Arabic has become a well known supplier to many Colleges and Universities. The company is a division of Asala Publication and Distribution, Inc., a registered Corporation in the State of California. In the support of the “green initiatives program,” the product catalog is only available on No printed copies are ever produced. Visitors to the site are invited to browse the many categories which also include DVD’s, e-books and other items of interest. Orders can be placed directly at the website, or by telephone. Typically orders are shipped the same day they are ordered. Returns are permitted for the first 20 days after purchase only.

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