KillerStartups – Alive Festival Information Site is a website that gives you all the information you need for the 2012 Alive Festival. The festival is the 25th annual festival that has held. The site has a countdown on the right hand side of the days until the event will be held in Ohio. This website is a must see for anyone planning on going to this amazing event.

If you are looking for tickets to Alive, the best place to look is on the website. The ticket tab on the site tells you all the things you will need to get the best ticket for you. The general tickets are more than the junior tickets, which is to be expected. A good thing though is that children 4 and under get in free.

The festival is being held from June 20th through the 23rd. When visiting the website you will find information on all the bands and speakers who will be present. You can also find a schedule of when the bands and speakers will be on stage. There is also an area on the site that provides information on camping.

There is a list of the event sponsors on the front page and a place where you can get involved. When you visit the get involved tab you find information on volunteering, vendors, internships and other things. Brochures and pictures can also be found on the front page. This is the absolute best place to find and get tickets to this amazing and inspirational event.

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