– Alitalia has the Best Flights Around is the best place online to find a flight to Italy or anywhere else you plan on going. They offer customers cheap flights which are a lot cheaper than the other discount websites. The site offers passengers special promotions which are amazing. They even let you book your flight online.

One of the greatest things about Alitalia is that they offer a program called MilleMiglia. This program is great for those who travel a lot, because it gives people exclusive offers and special privileges that others don’t get. Another great thing about the program is that when a new customer joins they are given 2,000 bonus miles just for joining. People who have MilleMiglia also get access to airport lounges. offers a bus for its customers, which is a new service. They also give passengers the option to check in to the airport over the internet. There is also a timetable that allows people to check if their flight is going to be on time. A travel guide is also available online.

Business travel is another feature that Alitalia offers. The business link takes you to a page that explains the SkyBonus program. This program is for people who have a small business, because it allows them to build points towards flights. Rewards are also available with the use of the SkyBonus program.

The website gives passengers a lot of information they can use to their advantage. One of the things they talk about is passenger rights. They also tell people about baggage fees and give them airport information. People can also organize their travel with the use of this site.

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