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The website is very helpful and informative for people trying to find information on photography, web development and colophon. Anyone needing information on any of these things will find to be incredibly helpful. The site is set up like a blog and the first page basically is a blog, but the information offered is the best. The website owner Alistair Calder lists his credentials on the site on the about page.

The photography page not only tells you what different kinds of pictures there are, but also gives you examples. Experimental, black and white and infrared are among the examples that Alistair offers. When one of the photo types is clicked you move to a place that shows you pictures and explains what it is. For those of you interested in photography this place is great.

The web development page probably draws the most visitors to the site, since more and more people are blogging and want to know how to do it. The web development part gives you information on all the different aspects you can use. There are pages dedicated to XFN, XHTML 2 Specification, CSS3 Specification and Microformats are a few. When you click on a link you are taken to a site that explains everything you need to know about that subject.

The last thing talks about is colophon and if you are interested in that he has what you need. One this part he talks about the different aspects of colophon like Akismet, ShortStat and Tiger Style Admin just to name a few. Like the other parts of this wonderful place when one of the links are clicked on you go on an informative journey where you receive all the information you will need.

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