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The American Law Institute is the leading independent organization meant for individuals to preserve and uphold justice and the law across the country. The members that founded it made a hierarchy of individuals, giving permission to some to create a social website so that more persons of the same mentality may know about it.


The “about” link focuses on what the individuals do, how many there are of them, when the project was started, and what the goal and purpose of it all is. It also discusses how the Institute works, and what is expected of the members. The Institute is a private club and membership is required; more information on joining can be found under the membership link. Officers and council are involved in keeping the rules and regulations in check. Members who do not abide by the rules and regulations forfeit their memberships.

There are annual meetings of the American Law Institute that can be found out about on the “meetings” tab. There are several different meetings; however, most, other than the annual meeting, are limited to a specific group of people. Not anyone can sit in on these meetings, as it is a private organization. has several publications and projects occurring at random times throughout the year. Many people are involved in this and a lot more people who are persistent enough to make it happen. The face of the law has changed a lot, and the purpose of is to keep the good guys on the right side.

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Author : Paul Barker

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