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Dental technology has undergone a process of continuous evolution and improvement over the years. This is particularly true in the field of orthodontics – clunky old-style metal braces with rubber bands are rapidly being replaced today by invisible plastic devices made by Align Technology. Their website at has a wealth of detail available about this advance in dental care along with their other products.

Visitors to Aligntech will find a comprehensive explanation of their Invisalign product, plus their intra-oral scanners and OrthoCAD digital software. This equipment is used in dental and orthodontic offices around the world and has met with great success wherever it is used. The Invisalign product has been on the market since 1999 and is now a standard treatment used in the straightening of teeth, providing better results and less discomfort than traditional methods. walks through the entire process from the first visit through the measurement and fabrication of the appliance as well as follow up treatment. offers many links about Invisalign, from patient brochures to how to grow a practice using it as well as a link to a site dedicated just to the product that may be given to potential and present patients. As the homepage for the company, Aligntech contains links to information pertinent to investors, with SEC documents, news releases and the current stock price all on display. The most recent annual report of the company is also available for download in addition to archived webcasts of corporate results from the past two quarters.

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