– Alice offers several different forms of information regarding the legend, Alice Cooper, himself. The website generally states the news and blog information about where the world-famous musician is playing and what group he is touring with. The website also gives a bio background of the musician and what he has done with his life.

Several individuals in the baby-booming generation remember Alice Cooper as a “freak” that screamed all the time, throughout concerts. The world seemed to be split evenly in half – those who loved him, and those who hated Cooper. Those individuals that loved Alice Cooper were greatly appreciated by the musician. Many people stated that the man was friendly and cordial whenever meeting fans; some have even mentioned humble.

Alice started making music in 1975 and, approximately 37 years later, continues to tour and take shows. Alice Coopers musical sense doesn’t seem to have changed, according to The blog insists that Cooper is the same man as he always was, albeit older, and has the same amount of enthusiasm as ever.

The legend is currently preparing himself for a tour, as stated by, and is allowing VIP meet and greets, as well as giving out small, autographed items as gifts to his fans that purchase this VIP package. Alice Coopers fan base is likely in their late 40s to early 50s; however, there are some young individuals that would likely be more than happy to have Coopers autograph written on a small trinket to keep for forever.