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The vast majority of citizens of Morocco recognize the history and tradition of a style of tent known as Makhzen. Yvonne Senouf is honoring that tradition with an online business at Visitors to the site are greeted with pages that are built entirely using flash technology. The site is awkward to use, but contains good information regarding the history of Makhzen. The primary purpose of the website is to allow customers to order Makhzens for private use. These giant tents have been crafted for centuries to house from thirty to five hundred people, sometimes for residential use, or for large gatherings like weddings. Each tent is hand made by up to 40 artists and craftsmen who spend about one month working on each tent that they build. These tents are often used to host feasts and showcase luxurious products. offers visitors the opportunity to purchase a custom made tent which is the size, shape, and materials of the customers choosing. All of the tents are 100% waterproof and are delivered directly to the purchaser’s desired location. The three basic textiles that are standard in the tents include baroque, damas, and velvet. All tents have intricate braiding of the clients choosing. The website features photos of the various materials that are common, with an offer to provide a larger selection upon request. In addition to the basic tent, Alibab makes available matching ottomans and coussins (very fancy matching pillows). All tent orders also include finishing touches and choice of interior colors and materials. Pricing is determined on a per job basis with quotes available.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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