KillerStartups – Fast Communication is an excellent interactive website that allows individuals to access internet accounts in Canada. Persons with a BellAliant account can access their webmail, and individuals without the service can learn everything about it. There is also an option to translate the website into French for those that read better in French than in English. BellAliant can be used in homes or offices throughout specific territories in Canada. This website assists many account holders in keeping up with information, such as billing information and price changes in the packages that are bundled. offers information about all of the bundles, including voice, cable, and internet bundles. The more individuals tend to bundle, the more money they save. The consumers that bundle their service reduce the number of bills that are coming into their homes as well. BellAliant offers a paperless billing feature that can be activated once the customers account is active. informs customers of what to do in the event that they receive a fraudulent phone call or email. There are several steps to remedying this situation; one being to contact the company, and the other to contact the local authorities. BellAliant also offers special needs services for individuals who are hard of hearing and/or have other handicaps that prevent the consumer from using the social feature the way any other individual would. These features are listed under the “Special needs services” section of

Customer service is always willing to accept a phone call and/or email if questions are not answered by visiting the FAQ portion of the website.

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