– ESSAR Steel Algoma Inc.

ESSAR Steel Algoma Inc. is a steelmaking corporation with an online presence at The website is designed to let visitors learn the technical methods that the plant uses in the making of steel. For ESSAR, steelmaking involves the use of twin 260 ton oxygen furnaces that combine molten iron with scrap and the other required alloy materials to produce raw steel. Guests of the site will learn that the factory produces approximately 2.8 million tons of raw steel per year. Among the other processes used at the mill, the company also produces a very strong grade of product known as cold rolled steel. By using a patented process to remove surface scale and then cold rolling the materials utilizing a five step process, they are able to achieve a superior strength end product to traditional steel manufactured on a standard mill production line.

The company has been in business since 1901, and is based out of Ontario, Canada. They operate sales offices in Canada, Illinois and Minnesota. Their website, has complete corporate information and financial reports for investors. Customers of ESSAR are provided with a private login area to view their account information and order status. There is an entire section of the site devoted to recruiting and employment that lists the various job openings and application procedures. The corporation has a strong community outreach through and offers multiple scholarship programs for high school students who are pursuing a College or University education. The company employs a manager of corporate communications who acts as a front line recipient to all information requests; contact information is provided.

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