– Algebra and Geometry Homework Help is Here is a site dedicated to help students with their algebra homework. It is very comprehensive in the range of subject matter that is covered, as it covers Pre-Algebra and Algebra Level 1, as well as Algebra Level 2 and Geometry.

The subjects on are subdivided like the chapters of a standard math text book and there’s much subject matter to master here. Under each subject subdivision there are tab represented headings, like a definition for the term is given with several examples, and then an overview of what the lessons will cover and what format the lessons will take. Most lessons are written while some more are in a multimedia presentations. Problem solver programs are offered to help those struggling with their homework but an emphasis is placed on showing each step in the sequence so that the student can learn to do the procedure themselves. As there’s a cadre of volunteer tutors who will try to answer question requests, and the site has been available for awhile, there is an archive of answered questions that can be referred to. Then there is a quiz, an in depth section, and a Google+1 link. However; not all of these tabbed headings contain information. This is a site that has been filled by volunteers, and as such there is still room for growth and filling in these missing elements.

The direct help from the tutor community is made available throughout Also, it is easy enough to back track to subject headings or subdivisions as needed to advance or review to the correct section.

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