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According to, Alex Lee Inc. began in 1931 with Moses George and his sons, when they bought the company for $17,000. The family, being Lebanese immigrants, decided to take a huge gamble when purchasing the company. After 75 years, Alex Lee Inc. now employs over 10,000 individuals divided across three partnered companies, and is relatively successful grocery store, raking in several million dollars across the Southeast. In 1938, the name was changed to Merchants Produce and Grocery Company.


In 1956, the name changed once again to Merchants Distributors, Inc. The name has remained the same as of today. In 1961, Moses Georges sons added Institution Food House Inc. as a brother company with the assistance of Norman James of The James Company. This brotherhood was to see that other institutions and restaurant services were tended to. In 1958, MDI bought out Lowes Food Stores and added them into their corporation. Previous to this, the smaller food store was running on its own and was founded in 1954 in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

In 1997, Merchant Distributors Incorporated allowed Lowes Food Stores to add another expansion into its’ already-massive list of services provided. goes on to explain that MDI purchased Byrds Food Stores, giving the company even more leverage and territory, allowing them to roll out a new pre-order concept. The thought was that consumers would pre-order groceries, and individuals would bring the groceries to the consumer in a truck. is an extremely useful website for information purposes and contact information, regarding the separate stores and locations. There is no doubt how this incorporation has lasted throughout several difficult economic trials. The CEOs stood by their fathers wish and held true to the “all about the customer” policy that their father wished to enforce throughout the life of his investment. is an incredibly easy-to-use website with easily found navigation menus, as well as adequately sized fonts. The website promotes professionalism, as well as distinctive separation of the different companies.

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Author : Bill Webb

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