– Official Government Website For Alexandria Virginia

The official city website for Alexandria Virginia, gives the site visitor weather (and the current air quality), current events, planning and transportation stories and information. There are videos of Mayor William D. Euille delivering the State of the City Address, plans for aiding town residents to do spring clean ups of neighborhoods, and community planning initiatives. There is an additional video update from the mayor on the state of the town’s tourism and promoting the new light rail trolly system. As it is an election year, voter information is also a resource to be found here. lists government services and jobs postings, vehicle registration procedures and permit applications, the information provided by the geographic information services (GIS) technology and official maps (which allows users to view official real estate parcels and zoning information), and the ability to pay taxes and fines. The GIS information is also in a database that the office updates and sells on a DVD for a $100 fee to cover the costs of its production. Additional related services include developer and project facts.

The ability to interact with the communities representatives is also presented at with the methods of how to get permission to speak at a city council meeting. Other local government functions such as obtaining marriage licenses and get getting parks and visitor listings are included. Also related to town functions is the pilot program offering free WiFi services at specific nodes around the city and the corresponding map to find those hot spots.

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