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As the world has adopted smart phones and mobile technology, other companies have sought to capitalize on the always connected network of people. Utilizing various advances in technical software, the Roseland New Jersey company has placed on the internet a service that is both simple and unique. The U.S. based company took note of a trend in companies growing need to be able to send mass messages to their customers. From that need, developers at have created a subscription based online service that allows subscribers to create a list of users that they would like to be able to quickly notify, upload that list, and then easily send a number of different alerts to that list. They offer industry leading SLA for message delivery and offer solutions that allow a wide variety of alerts, reminders or notifications to be configured and delivered.


There is no need for their members to have any technical knowledge or ability. In fact, they don’t require anything other than access to the internet. Using a 100% online interface, member companies do not have to worry about any of the normal issues with mass emails, SMS configuration or how to send text to voice or audio messages. The management of has done all that work and configuration so that with only a few keystrokes, a paying member can send many different kinds of alerts to their distribution group. Choice and style of the actual message and it’s content are entirely controlled by the subscriber, and can be used for any purpose from tornado alerts, to school closings or simple reminders.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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