– Dominican and Latin Beauty

Aleida Morel has hosted a web presence for the past eight years that operates as with the primary purpose of focusing one the beauty of women. While certainly directed at all women, there is special emphasis placed on Dominican and Latina beauty. The pages of are used to address every aspect of women’s beauty and confidence in themselves. There are countless resources and listing of Hispanic origin including links to bookstores, magazines and television programs. The site is totally bilingual and with a single click can switch from English to Spanish or the reverse. Ms. Morel offers guests many pages of fashion and dressing advice and photos. There is also similar advice for hair and makeup. Special sections devoted to the use of makeup and cosmetics are provided always with the emphasis that every woman has beauty and can enhance that beauty.

Aleida has partnered with the shopping and advertising program to create a uniquely Latina shopping area that makes for easy searching of products from the Dominican Republic. There are also links and articles to hair salons specializing in Dominican hair care and styling. Because Dominican women have hair that is a genetic descendent of African vibrissa mixed with tress from Europe and Spain, and historically come from the hot and tropical environment of the Republic, their hair has always required special care without chemicals or direct heat. Visitors to are offered many articles and links to products that help keep their hairstyle looking its best. In every aspect, the site devotes itself to all things for women and helping them achieve there best appearance.