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Aldi is one of the leading food retail businesses in America, with about 1,200 locations in the United States as well as a presence in other countries. It is a multi billion dollar organization that provides excellent opportunities for those seeking employment. is one of the best ways to find stores at the local level who are hiring store managers and staff to work in a friendly environment. has information on hiring events that pertain to all of their stores across America. These hiring events show which Aldi locations are hiring and the type of position that they are seeking. has a variety of different employment opportunities which are available to apply for. One of these positions is Aldis Management. This job is the highest paying of any other. It comes with benefits such as insurance (dental and major medical), lengthy vacation time, holidays that are paid, as well as a 401(k) program. To reach this it is necessary to go through the Manager Trainee process. During this time training will be done in close proximity to already qualified Aldi Managers. Another job opportunity is Store Staffing. These are the people that stock shelves, work at cashiers, and interact with customers on a daily basis. Some of the benefits provided are higher wages, insurance, vacation time, paid holidays, and, like Store Management, access to 401(k).

Aside from giving hiring events and store locations, has a unique Store Employment Application that can be downloaded, filled out, and sent to the desired Aldi store. All of these tools can be used with reliability at and anyone seeking a long term job will positively find it to be informative, useful, and a good experience.

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