– Alderer Online Auction and Appraisal Company

Alderfer Auctions is an auction company which has been based in Hatfield Pennsylvania for over 50 years. They maintain a web presence for their auctions at which acts as their online portal for everything related to their business. Whether you’re buying or selling, need an appraisal, or need to arrange transportation for bought or sold goods, alderferauction has a web-based interface to help out.

For those looking to buy, you can view images of the goods to be sold at various auctions scheduled a month or so into the future. Some of them are online only, and some have a dual in-person/online mode for bidders, so you can be there without being there.

If you are looking to sell, alderferauction has information to help you maximize your return, whether by auction or consignment. Since they have been at this for 50 years, their aptly called “experts” who can be contacted via the site, can make a material difference in the outcome of your sale.

Appraisals can be scheduled, and information is also available for what they term “senior transitions”. These services, along with real estate offerings, can be accessed though the services menu at They have quite a few collections available, both as standing sales and as upcoming auctions. If you are in the market for coins, stamps, toys, dolls, or even art, you may find it worthwhile to browse through the collections section of

The goods up for auction run the gamut from everything found in estate auctions, to vehicles, antique firearms, real estate, office liquidation – the list is as varied as the people selling. Lastly, the website also handles the actual auction process. So if you’re ready to buy, you can ‘attend’ the auction and bid on the goods you desire from the comfort of your home or office.