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Help for the hard of hearing or deaf can be found at Hearing incapabilities are more easily remedied today than when compared to the past and at ALDA this information is related to its members. Some of the modern ways of allowing deafened individuals to be involved in life include many of the hearing impaired phone services. Technologies such as IP Relay, VRS or VRS w/VCO lets deaf callers make use of either computer calling or wireless devices as well as video phones thereby enjoying modern devices while staying connected to loved ones or even the boss. Even another type of phone service is known as CapTel or Captioned Telephone where a transcribing service creates written captions between the callers.


One of the latest advancements in the United States for ‘Late Deafened Adults’ would be the addition of closed caption systems in movie theaters. Beginning in California in 2012 and spreading around the country by the end of 2013 to include over 500 of the nations movie screens, movie goers who choose can view captioned movies through use of a special device.

If you want to know what causes hearing loss and what can be done about it, has plenty of details for you to explore. Some of the causes of hearing loss is fluid in the middle ear, scars on the eardrum, abnormal bone growth in the middle ear or disease such as diabetes mellitlus or meningitis.

The association is divided into four regions that span the globe. These would be roughly the far western states in the United States plus Australia, Asia and Hawaii. Region III consists of the southeastern states along with Puerto Rico, South America, Mexico and Texas. The central states such as Indiana, Nebraska and Ohio, plus, Manitoba and Ontario in Canada make up Region II. And Region I covers Europe, the Middle East, Nova Scotia, Finland and the New England states.

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