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The website at is home to The Chronicle of Higher Educations’ site, Arts and Letters Daily. A site devoted to collecting odd and interesting news stories from thousands of other websites and placing a very short introduction to the content on their front page with clickable links. The click thru allows readers to go to the original source of the article and read the entire story. Sources of articles are wide ranging, and articles are extremely varied. Pages are presented in columnar magazine style with about five days of current and previous links maintained on the homepage. An entire archive of links that were previously displayed is also available. The website is divided into three areas of interest for readers.

An entire section is devoted to articles of notes that the editing team collects, paraphrases and displays links to with only a small fraction of the page devoted to advertising. Another division of focuses on new books that have recently been published and follows the same pattern of approximately 25 word reviews and associated links to the original content. The third of the magazine columns is for essays and opinion articles on philosophy, literature and trends in various disciplines of study. No topic seems to be spared review, as makes the ultimate content choice up to the visitor after reading the synopsis of the articles. Culture, history and art appear to be common themes within the pages, and there are hundreds of links to other websites. No actual content is hosted at other than the mini reviews.

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