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Years ago the founder of Popeye’s Famous Fried Chicken founded the Al Copeland Corporation which hosts a web presence at The site is home to information about the current restaurant holdings of the company. Visitors will find information of interest about the Copeland’s restaurant chain of New Orleans and Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro. The late Al Copeland had a passion for success and after his death his son Al, Jr. rose to become CEO and Chariman of ACI, the investment wing of the company. Company biographies and a mission statement reveal the current leadership and strategic goals of the corporation, which is privately owned. The two primary restaurant chains offer food that is true to the New Orleans heritage, and family style atmosphere. Visitors to will find photographs of the restaurants and links directly to their websites.

An entire section of the site is devoted to news and media, with recent and archived press releases and stories. The corporation also operates a non for profit charitable foundation whose goal is to help fund research and an ultimate cure to Merkel Cell Carcinoma (cancer). The foundation readily accepts gifts and donations. Copeland’s restaurants are available for purchase as franchises, and full downloadable brochures and evaluation forms are available at For job seekers, there is a portion of the site which lists openings and job descriptions. An easy to use web application makes it possible to submit resumes for consideration. Mobility within the ranks is strongly promoted, and all jobs are open to current employees and new applicants. For customers who are interested, gift cards can be purchased online at the site.

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