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This website represents the public face of the Alcon Corporation, a large multinational company who researches, designs and manufactures vision care products for the home user such as contact lenses and the cleaning fluid that goes with them, optometric and aural pharmaceutical products to prevent and treat problems with the eyes and ears, and surgical equipment for procedures involved with the eyes, as well as their ACRSOF (registered trademark) lens implants, the most popular in the world.


Part of the function of is to communicate to four specific audiences. The first is health care professionals, with logistical information provided to them as well as updates on product information and advances in the related optometric technology. A second target group is patients and their family members, and for them direct contact information is provided. Thirdly investors and members of the media are provided with at least six PDF brochures on corporate information and news, including the company’s merger with Novartis. Finally prospective employees are courted with much information about their potential employer and the encouraging culture that they provide. It should be noted here as elsewhere on that this company operates in 75 countries and has sales in 180 countries. starts its basic communications even more simply than many company websites. It promotes the concept of eye health and the world wide need for participation to help fill the need. They go on to discuss themselves, their products, research and development efforts, and their philosophy on corporate responsibility.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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