– Alchemy Can Empower the Mind and the Spirit

Do you know what actually causes physical existence? At you will find information about the science of Alchemy. Subjects like the “Emerald Tablet,” or, essential oils are discussed in detail. Matter, body, mind and spirit are the elements that the alchemist explores and works with to understand the hidden components that create or created physical existence, alchemists do a great deal of their work within spiritual realms to transmit subconscious energy.

Alchemists follow the basic patterns of the universe and also apply these basic patterns to their studies in such a way that will evoke new growth and wisdom. Alchemy is explained in a way that can be understood by everyone so that anyone who likes can learn the techniques and potions that delve into these past wisdoms and helps them to be kept alive for those in the future to enjoy.

You can enjoy quizzes, drawings, laboratory symbols, planetary charts, lists of herbs and chemicals, and recommended books galore, by visiting The online magazine or ‘Journal’ found at is a wonderful collection of illustrations, paintings, articles, sources news and events.

The operations of this science such as calcination, dissolution or conjunction are explained here. You can also investigate the “Seven Day Mental Diet,” the Alchemist’s Prayer, and the alchemists’ components, as they pertain to different religious denominations such as Christianity, Islam, and Jewish. If you are a traditionalist every single category of original alchemy is listed so you can choose to stick to the basics, or, maybe just start from them.

If you are interested, biographies of famous alchemists are included here such as those of Isaac Newton, Nicholas Flamel, or Christian Rosenkreutz who would be some of the more well-know alchemists of modern civilization.

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