– The Atlantic Lottery of Canada Online

The Atlantic Lottery of CA has built a web presence at which allows its members to play in the various games and drawings that are held twice a week in Canada. Use of the site is limited to members who are not charged a fee to join. Players have the opportunity to play the 6/49 Lotto for prizes up to three million dollars or purchase tickets to the Lotto Max which draws every Friday night at 10PM for prizes as high as 50 Million dollars. One other million dollar game on is the Atlantic 49, which draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are also instant games offering a chance to win up to $20 immediately or up to $15,000 nightly.

For entertainment the website also hosts six online competition games. Among these are including three card poker, the lucky dice game, and even a crossword game. Winners have the opportunity to claim prizes and cash. All games are reserved for members only and require payment to play. By adding funds to their individual accounts, players compete head to head against other players. Similarly, registered members have the chance to join a live game of BINGO and compete in one of six different cyber bingo games. Membership is reserved for persons over the age of 19, and functions in both French and English. Any Canadian looking for an entertaining evening with a chance to make a few dollars, up to millions, will be interested in visiting this site and participating in the lotto games.

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