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The internet is home to all kinds of websites from information and news to just plain weird. The owners of al Cahondeo, literally “The Forums”, have launched a site at where friends from around the world gather and post all kinds of nonsense jokes and videos. There are thousands of posted photographs, from every genre imaginable, most with a slightly humorous to downright funny effect on visitors. The video section is similar, with members deciding what they see as funny and posting links to videos that are typically hosted elsewhere, like In the audio category, visitors are offered the opportunity to listen to everything from crank telephone calls to radio personalities on-air comedy. An entire division of is separated for viewers 18 years of age and older, and features risque photos and videos, primarily of women in compromising and sexually seductive situations.


Although the adult’s only section is separated from the rest of the site for general browsing, there is no security or authentication required, so parents would want to be aware that their children would also have easy open access to the area. The site boasts over 11,000 Facebook fans, and allows its members to vote on their opinion of favorite photos and videos. The items that receive the most votes are prominently displayed and easily clickeble to view. is totally humor based, and regardless of the categories that are posted, every image or video has some sort of humorous facet to it. The entire website is presented in Spanish and does not feature a translation to any other language.

Alcachondeo In The Web

Author : Irene Davids

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